23 Sep

Global Purchasing Solutions Now in Kenya

This is Kelvin, Kelvin wanted to buy  a coat, he had 2500 shillings in his pocket. Kelvin just wanted a coat nothing else just a coat. Kelvin decided to go to Moi avenue to look for a coat, because he heard that that is where all the good coats are . So he woke up in the morning and headed to Moi avenue. Shop number 1 no coat is sold separately you have to buy a full suit he didn’t want a suit, shop number 2 no coat but nice jackets he wishes he also had money to buy a jacket but today is not  day for jackets. After around 15 shops ,excuses similar to the first two, he decided to call it quits and go home. On his way home just outside Tuskys pioneer. He saw one of those temporary tents that was selling some clothes. He saw a coat and guess what, it was sold on its own, no suit no nothing else. Kelvin was happy, his problems were finally over. And whats more the coat was cheap it was 2000 shillings. Kelvin decided to have some pizza that day, but does he say he had it.


Am pretty sure we all have been in Kelvin’s position. We have always wanted to buy something but we have no idea where to find it. Relax.


Introducing globalpurchasingsolution.com your one stop  shop. Literally one stop shop, come buy everything here from pizzas to coats to houses to cars and have them delivered right at your doorstep.

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